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So it has been almost 6 months since my last post on the rebuild. During the latter half of 2012 I was too busy going out a drifting rather than fixing my engine (first world problems I know) During January I finished off the majority of the Engine Assembly starting off with attaching the sump oil and water pumps .




So it has been a month since my last update and alot has happened.

I finally received all the parts I needed so was able to get the machining work completed so I could pick up the engine and get started.


So it has been a month and I thought it was time for a bit of an update. I have been busy ordering parts but not much building going on, still waiting on last bits and pieces before I can really get going.

I sent the block, crankshaft and head off to the machinist and it turns out that overall the engine is in good nick but there are a few problems.

Despite the fact that the bores look immaculate, down the bottom they are out of tolerance so it is going to need a rebore. The machinist also strongly recommended that the crankshaft get a re-grind as there was a fair bit of bearing material deposited on the surface. Just to top it off the exhaust valve guides are also worn out and will need replacing. So that kind of sucked, but such is life.

Un-deterred I decided to press on start collecting parts.


So whilst some members of Team Red Stage are currently in Japan honing their drift skills I am back here in Australian starting a rebuild on my old SR20DET.

About 12 months ago the original motor finally let go after running at about 240rwkw with a basically stock engine with a GT2871 bolted on running 18psi and supporting mods. I didn’t have time to mess around as it was my daily driver so I got hold of another long motor for pretty cheap and did an engine swap.

Ever since the old motor has been sitting in the corner of the shed gathering dust and I have been tossing up what to do. The current set up works great and I am really happy with it but it turns out the replacement motor is also pretty sad and chews a bit of oil and has a lot of top end blowby indicating worn valve stem seals. I don’t know if the engine is going to last 500km or 50,000km so every time I go to the track I worry the engine is gonna throw a rod or something.

So, I finally pulled my finger out and decided to do a rebuild. I looked at getting a mechanic to rebuild it for me but was pretty surprised at how expensive it was. So I have decided to go it on my own. I started stripping down the engine to find out exactly what happened. The first thing I noticed was that the interior of the engine was immaculate! Everything in the head seems to be in good nick, cams looked spotless not a score mark or a scratch.


Well, it has certainly been some time since posting on the blog. Thank you to everyone asking about the blog, I didn’t expect so many people were out there actively reading it. At the moment, I felt there had not been enough news to share. So I will try and provide a update of a few things that has been happening.

News 1. Rob has finally sent his car off to be ‘fixed’.