Hello all!

Team Red Stage has been created for Drifting enthusiasts in Canberra.

We aim to update this blog with weekly updates, if not then more!

Content includes a wide range of events, but our main interest is Drifting.

Who are Team Red Stage?

We haven’t quiet figured that out yet, we just want to Drift.

  1. marcelkrawczykarcel says:

    It is awesome to see a Canberra Drifting enthusiasts group starting!

    I have been a little bit obsessed with drifting for some time and am interested in joining the ranks of the crazy missiles. Could you shine some light on your past experiences.
    Does it really cost a fortune to start drifting?
    Do you have to trade in your everyday front wheel drive, or does a cheap rear wheel drive Nissan suffice?
    Do you ever make it out to the track, or is it stuck in the workshop?
    Do you think there is a future of DriftGP in Australia as recently it has had a bumpy couple years?

    Thanks for the Info in advance and keep up the great work! 🙂

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