SR20DET Rebuild – Part 5 – The Final Result – 249.5rwkw

Posted: July 4, 2013 by themoose82 in Uncategorized

After the first false start with the coolant leak the car was running like a dream. I was able to get about 1200 pain staking slow and gentle kilometres up on the engine which should be more than enough to run it in. At this stage I thought it is time to bite the bullet and get it tuned, as this is my first engine rebuild I have done I figured if it hasn’t failed by now it should be okay.

So late on a Monday night, new oil, new oil filter, new plugs and I took out the stock cams and dropped in the new BC step 2’s ready for tuning the next morning. Finished at about midnight took it for a quick test drive and everything was sweet.

Off to Autotech in Hume to get her tuned, about half way there smoke started pouring out from under the bonnet, quickly pulled over to see what has gone wrong and was thinking the worst. It turns out in my haste to put the cams back in I had crimped the rocker cover gasket and oil was spraying onto he exhaust. I was closer to the tuner than home so decided to press on and get them to sort it out. Got the call a couple of days later from the guys at Autotech that everything went well and she has made 249.5rwkw @ 18psi. ( A modest 35kw gain, from a fresh engine and new set of cams) pretty stoked. This was alot more than what I was expecting, especially from only 18psi.

Picture 004

The interesting part was that I only dropped about 200rpm of response and a power gain of 35kw due to the cams. Power delivery is more gradual and smoother.

Picture 005

Off on my way to work and first impressions were very good, power hits like a hammer!!! I finished work and went out to the car only to find that the starter motor won’t engage. Double checked all the fuses, headlights were working, fuel pump running. Must be the solenoid in the starter motor.

AAARGGGH!!!!!! First the coolant leak, then the rocker cover gasket now the starter motor I mean seriously give me a break….

Only tool I had in the car was a medium sized screwdriver so bashed on the starter motor but no luck. Then I did something that I never thought I would have to do……I called NRMA….I feel such a failure as a mechanically minded person. After 10 minutes convincing the NRMA guy it WASN’T the battery he got a big bar and tapped on the starter motor and instantly she roared back into life.

I was luck that Eiji had a spare starter motor I could borrow from his missile so another later night ripping out the old starter motor and putting another one in.

The next day I went out with Revolution Motorsport for a drift day at Wakefield. Being the middle of winter and a work day numbers were quiet low which meant more track time than we all knew what to do with. I thought this will be a good shake down for the car, test out the new engine combo and get back into the groove as I haven’t been out drifting since November.

The weather was very average , cold and a little wind but the worst part was that Goulburn had experienced flooding 3 days before. We were only able to utilise the short track as the infield of the “big track” was like a swamp and still had standing water, anybody going off the track wasn’t going to getting back in a hurry. Small track was okay but again off the track was very swampy and muddy. There was a big puddle at the apex of the kink off the main straight which made entries really interesting if you took a tight line.

So the question is how did the car perform? and the answer it was AWESOME I am really pleased. The extra lag wasn’t noticeable at all and it has more power than what you need. When above 4000rpm it just keeps on pulling all the way to redline. As far as I am concerned this combo is perfect for Drift or Grip. Good balance between power and response. Around town it is very compliant and easy to drive and doesn’t chew much more fuel than before.

My day ended up finishing early, 2 1/2 sets of tyres later because I ran out of fuel. I chewed through over 60L and wasn’t keen on going below much less than 1/4 of a tank. Mental note, bring more fuel next time

I am glad the car is finally back on the road. It has been a lot of work and a number of hick ups but totally worth it. The power is more than what I need but the thing that impresses me the most is the way it is delivered and how “useable” it is.

So what is next? Well I have all the parts ready for a R33 rear brake conversion which will give me a more consistent handbrake and better brake balance overall. I have plans to get a set of semi’s and give grip a go around Wakefield to see what it can do. I also have a pair of R33 LCA’s to go in which will increase track, increase camber and give a little bit more lock.

Powertune in Sydney have been doing some tests with a new prototype T2 Precision Turbo (GT2871 direct bolt on upgrade). They claims it will have the response similar to disco potato (GT2860) but will make 270rwkw on 98ron. I’ll be keeping my eye on this…


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