SR20DET Rebuild – Part 4 – Disaster and Recovery

Posted: June 14, 2013 by themoose82 in Maintenance, Silvia, Team Red Stage, Uncategorized

So it has been almost 6 months since my last post on the rebuild. During the latter half of 2012 I was too busy going out a drifting rather than fixing my engine (first world problems I know) During January I finished off the majority of the Engine Assembly starting off with attaching the sump oil and water pumps .


Next, head got dropped on and secured with some ARP studs. At this stage it is now looking more like an engine


….and the final product. ooo so shinny


At this stage I bit to bullet and took the Silvia off the road and ripped the old tired SR out.


Out with the old and in with the new


At this stage I completed the engine swap as well as adding a few goodies. Primed the oil pump and double checked everything. Everything all good so I turn the key and it fires up straight away. First hurdle overcome. More checking of oil, water leaks ect, all seems good, bring the engine up to temperature to bleed the coolant system all seems good. Take it for a spin around the block. All good, thumbs up and smiles everywhere. So after more bleeding and checking everything still seems good. Time to take it for a proper drive and start bedding in the rings. Again all good but I notice that the coolant keeps going down. hmmmm

Thinking the worst I head home to see if I can figure out what the go is. Engine is running fine so I am thinking it is not a head gasket then I look under the car. and drip……drip…….drip…..drip…bright green coolant.

After letting out a few 4 letter words I decide to call it a day and deal with it tomorrow. I was able to borrow a boroscope of Eiji and see if I could locate the leak. It turns out there is a medium sized coolant hose that runs from the front of the block all the way to the back that feeds the heater core in the car. There is a small leak from the hose clamp which I also noticed was maxed out. More 4 letter words and I am scratching my head to try and figure out how I can get to this hose replace it and get it back together again without taking the head off.

I decide to try and get to it underneath, so out with the starter motor , out with the bracket that supports the intake manifold. I decide to cut the hose in half and take it out in two sections but during this process I damage another hose. AAARGGGGGHHHH. The level of rage can not be described. So close…yet so far

At this stage I kicked the car, swore at it and left it alone in the corner for 3 months………

So after missing out on a heap fun with the rest of the Team Red Stage crew at various track days and events finally got re-motivated to get the Silvia back up running. Riding my motorbike every day to work and the arrival of a frosty Canberra winter may have also provided an extra incentive. So intake manifold out, replaced a stack of hose clamps and hoses, 4 hours later and I double and triple checked everything once again.

Since then running like a dream during the run in phase. Still 500km or so yet before I drop in the new cams in and off to get tuned.

Can’t wait to see what this baby can do.

  1. Rob says:

    I love your 3 month long rage quit 🙂

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