SR20DET Rebuild – Part 3 – The bottom end

Posted: October 10, 2012 by themoose82 in Maintenance, Silvia, Team Red Stage, Uncategorized

So it has been a month since my last update and alot has happened.

I finally received all the parts I needed so was able to get the machining work completed so I could pick up the engine and get started.

The block has been cleaned, re-bored 0.5mm oversized and the top has been decked.

The bores have received a hone to help ensure the rings bed in properly.

Next the head which has had a fair bit of work done. It has had a good clean, complete disassembly, valve seats cleaned up, new exhaust valve guides and machined flat. The thing looks brand new!

Also added new valve springs and retainers to go with my new Step 2 cams.

Finally the crank, it has been inspected and re-ground due to some minor damage from the spun bearing. This thing weighs a tonne!

So I started with the bottom end, installing the crank and a fresh set of bearings.

Next, in with the main bearing caps and girdle.

During installation of the girdle I came across this. At first I thought it was Godzilla but upon closer inspection I realised it to be a kangaroo. Apparently in the 80’s and 90’s they used to do alot of aluminium casting of automotive parts down in Melbourne. So it turns out there is a little ADM in my JDM!

Next prep the forged pistons, rods and fresh rings.

Insert the pistons and the bottom is pretty much done.

So now for the bad news. I have been snowed under at work the last 2 weeks and after some early progress not much has happened since. So the engine is not going to be ready for Matsuri in November.

Never fear! I’ll still be going just running my old set up and hope it holds together.

She’ll be right……What could go wrong?

Next step reassemble head and bolt it all back together

To be continued…


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