DRIFT NSW – Midnight Run – 08 Sep 12

Posted: September 12, 2012 by themoose82 in Uncategorized

So I already had plans to be down the coast to visit some friends and didn’t have anything to on Saturday night. Turns out Drift NSW were going to hold their inaugural event at Eastern Creek that night. So i thought why not and put an entry.

The event was held at the Peanut circuit which is short track strangely which is well …. shaped like a peanut. It is pretty slow speed (limited to 2nd gear) but it is a concrete like surface so chews/melts tyers ALOT.

There was only a small number entrants mostly in S chassis with a ceffy and an FC in the mix for something different.

First run went pretty well and was able to link most of the track pretty much straight away unfortunately before after that run there was a unmistakable burning clutch smell.

One of the things I was tryingout is getting a big flick style entry no big scandos or handbrake and the main turn is great place to try a few different things. So I tried a few different things but the clutch was sliping badly which was letting me down a bit.

Overall I had a great night, clutch was hating life, demolished two sets of almost new tyers down to the belts, learnt a few things, met some cool new people.

For me that is what it is all about

Oh yeah met some Team Red Stage groupies as well.

Not sure if they liked the car or the wranger beard…..

  1. Vedat says:

    Nice meeting ya mate! Did well that night!

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