Team Red Stage – JZX90

Posted: April 25, 2012 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized


Some of you have been asking about the car we bought for next weeks Matsuri. A few photos have been posted on our Facebook page but what does it have?


We have been provided a spec sheet by PowerVehicles, and it has the goods for some great sideways time.



Side Skirts, Rear Lip, front spoiler
Front Wheel Spacers
17” alloys (Front Axia, Rear Blitz)
JIC Full Tap Coilovers
Front Mounted Intercooler Kit
Aftermarket Front Pipe
Aftermarket Rear Subframe collars
Project Mu Front Pads
Bride Semi Bucket Seat
Personal Steering Wheel
Omori Water Temp Gauge
Boost Gauge
Aftermarket Drift use handbrake button
Aftermarket Shift Knob
HKS EVC 4 (Low 0.8, High 0.9) (Vide in Low Boost)
TRD 320KMH Speedo
Large Alloy Rad
HKS Aircleaner
Water Bypass Kit


The “Bulletproof” 1JZ engine. Hopefully it can with stand the abuse it is going to receive.


Unfortunately Andy tagged the side of the track during the test drive. The test video can be seen on our Facebook page.

We will post another update when we arrive at the track. Stay tuned!

  1. Harrison says:

    Awesome! I’m So keen to see some footage of this machine.

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