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Posted: November 3, 2011 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of this store from the outside. Power Komori is basically a store with everything for the household. Located 5-10 minute drive from the Nihomatsu train station and about 20 minutes from Ebisu, it is one place you would most likely visit while you are drifting at Ebisu.


The sell almost everything a house hold could need. Food, Tools, clothes, even pets they are all available at this store.


Drinks are available in bulk, unfortunately not cold for the humid Japanese summer.


They had a nice selection of oils and fluids to stock up on for our time at Ebisu.


The other important item was the helmets. I did bring a helmet from Australia but Nic and Rohan decided to buy some in Japan.


Helmets from this shop were cheap.


The problem was with the availability of size.


This stylist helmet was the only one that fit Nic’s head.


Rohan scored a Scooter helmet with a visor.

We did grab a few other items from the store, a set of overalls (that we didn’t use), gloves, electrical tape, duct tape, a jack (which was lost in the collection of jack at PowerVehicles), and some other minor tools.

  1. i know its a long shot but any chance of getting the address to this place?

  2. Minto says:

    That place was so cool. I got my helmet from there too infact, along with some socket bits and a green hook to hang my steering wheel up :p There was actually a not bad little shop across the street aswell which sold fresh fruit and veg along with some random glass bottled fizzy water.

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