Flash back, from Australia to Japan

Posted: October 11, 2011 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized


Hopefully this post doesn’t confuse you but were not going back to Japan already. I have had a few questions about our trip and thought I should try to cover it in more depth. Hopefully my memory serves me well, I’m sure someone will correct me if I write something incorrect. We left for Japan the day after World Time Attack Challenge (which reminds me, I need to go through those photos). We managed to get a day flight out of Sydney, leaving at 8am with a lay over in Singapore. This was the first time Nic and Rohan had travelled overseas.


The seat entertainment systems have improved. There are a lot more movies and TV shows available on Demand, as well as the usual games and news. I did notice the availability of a USB port, not sure if it worked and what data it could read.


As we were booking the flights online, we were prompted what time of meal we would like. We thought it would be funny if we requested the Bland meal for Rohan but it looked a lot better than the normal food.


Our Singapore stop was very short. We pretty much left the plane, walked to the gate and boarded the plane.


Nic was very excited about going to Japan.


Singapore airport is massive, the walk between gates took 30mins.


They also had these really wide open lobby’s.


Travelators made me smile 🙂


The flight from Singapore to Tokyo went smoothly. Rohan received his next bland meal, while Nic was mesmerized by the entertainment system. Because we landed late at night, the tropical climate had not hit us hard. We did remove our winter layers and moved onto our hotel.

After spending the night at the hotel, we moved onto Nihonmatsu. There is our previous post of the trip here Tadaima Nihonmatsu!

I did take a few more photos of that part of the trip from my mobile phone. I will post a small article about that tomorrow.


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