DriftMob – Drift Night Double Trouble

Posted: September 27, 2011 by themoose82 in Drifting, Maintenance, Uncategorized

So new to Team Red Stage so maybe a bit of an introduction first.

Name is Sebastian and I currently drive an S13 Siliva. I bought her bog-stock straight from Japan in 2006 and have been slowly building her up. Outside is stock but currently making 215rwkw with a GT2871 @ 18psi and a stock bottom end. I  was planning on spending last weekend in Sydney so thought I would have a slide at the Driftmob Drift Night held at the Eastern Creek whilst I was in town.

I also recently bought a box of goodies from Japan about 2 months ago when the Yen was weak through Jesse Streeter (Nismo 2 Way)

After a gentle nudge from Eiji I decided to get off my arse and install the bloody thing.

Installation was pretty straight forward and didn’t take too long.

So headed out to Eastern Creek at Lunch time on friday only to be stopped in my tracks half way there as a fuel truck decided to catch fire on the side of the road. How inconsiderate.

4 hours later finally got to Eastern Creek and awaited scrutineering

Peanut Track Pits

Here’s something you don’t see every day… Skyline ute…. what the?

DriftMob Car

The DriftMob crew put on a good event and everything ran smoothly. The skidpan was packed but the Peanut wasn’t too busy so got plenty of track time. Never driven a car with a 2way before so that was a learning experience, so much better than a crapped out stock VLSD. Took a while to get used to but much more predictable. Overall had a great night and met some interesting people, on the downside I ended up getting a stone chip in my windscreen that has now developed into a 40cm crack (needs to be replaced) and my power steering rack is now leaking but thats the way life goes 🙂


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