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Posted: September 22, 2011 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

I normally try to avoid using photos I took from my mobile phone and keep them for Facebook. However I took a lot more this trip and figure it might be worth while starting a new way of posting these photos on to the blog. The photos will be lower in quality due to limitation of the camera on my mobile but I did think it was interesting enough to take the photo. In this post are some cool looking vans we ran across on our trip.


First up is this Toyota Estima with a modest wing. I have seen larger when I was in Japan in 2007 but this one stood out on our drive to Chiba.


This one we spotted in Osaka while we were wandering around one night. I had to use the digital zoom but this van was low and had some camber on the rear. They’re lucky the roads are smooth in Japan, as well as not having any speed bumps.


The final van is a Nissan Largo. We spotted this one in a Kyoto back street. It kind of reminded me of how cars were modified in Australia.


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