Kyoto visit

Posted: September 10, 2011 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

Kyoto is tourist central for anyone that wants to see the traditional Japanese architecture.


Yasaka Shrine is a good starting point for the tour. It is a short walk from Gion, a street that looks like the old style Japanese houses.


Near our hotel was the Ebisu shrine. From the name, we thought we should pay it a visit


To pray at a shrine, you throw some money into the donation box, ring the bell and say a prayer.


There is a nice walk from Yasaka shrine to Kyomizu Temple.


With some nice paths that you could wonder down or up.


We did manage to spot some Miko’s or Geisha’s (not sure which) on our walk.


As well as this Integra.


Kiyomizu Temple is a large complex, at the front is a large red gate.


There are several buildings in the area. The main attraction is the building entirely made from wood, without the use of nails or bolts. However due to the increase in people passing through, the structure was reinforced.


What a happy couple :).


If you want to see traditional Japan, Kyoto is the place to head to.


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