Take 2: Car for Matsuri

Posted: July 30, 2011 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

With less than one week until we leave Canberra and no car for Matsuri, I was worried. The main purpose for this trip was to drift at Ebisu, a task difficult to achieve with no car. Andy from PowerVehicles was confident he could find a car in time for the event but since I had already bought tickets and accommodation, I emailed Andy on Thursday to increase the car budget by a little bit so at least I would have something to drive. On the same day another car was bought at the auctions.


Not as cool looking as the other car, but this one appears to be in much better condition.


The engine bay looks neater, parts are tied down or secured and does not show signs of weathering like the first 180.


From the auction sheet, the car comes with more suspension modification and no engine mods. This would be better for reliability, which is a good thing as I will be drifting for 6 days!


Interior is very clean from the photos. Unfortunately the car does not come with a cage, but still has a wing, which I might try and get some sparks to come off it. The car does come with a Tomei LSD and Racing Gear coilovers, people tell me these parts are expensive.

Nic and Rohan are still yet to secure a car, hopefully we will hear more news about it soon.


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