Too much handbrake!

Posted: July 6, 2011 by stinkypoo31 in Maintenance, Silvia

With our Japan drift trip approaching very rapidly, I thought it would be wise to start writing on the blog again. The drifting scene has been pretty quiet around here lately. The three scheduled drift events at our local track have come and gone. Nothing else is scheduled for the remainder of the year, however I have been told to keep an eye out for drift days to suddenly appear on short notice due to other parties canceling and clearing the day.


In the mean time, I had been lucky enough to score some skid pan time at the Sutton Road Driver Training complex in exchange for some assistance with photography and filming. Last weekend I was out at the skidpan assisting with the Gizmag shoot of the Tilt Vehicle. After they were done with the shoot, I was given track time when I noticed my rear brake making the awful metal on metal sound. It is probably evidence that I use the handbrake to excess. I did have some Project Mu pads ready to be installed…


The S13 uses the disc calipers for both normal brakes and hand brake. It is fairly easy to remove the old pads, just jack up the rear (after chocking the front), let the handbrake off, remove the rim, undo the 14 mm bolts holding the caliper. This will free the caliper and give you access to the pads. Depending if you have the pad guides (I think that is what they are), the old pads should just fall out or be easily levered off the guides.


Yep, definitely time for new pads. I did not bother machining the discs as I don’t have the time or money at the moment.


The new Project Mu pads were bought from a shop in Queensland. They are quick with their postage and normally arrive the next day or day after. Pricing is okay, I think I could find better however I have had trouble with other companies brake pad listings and ending up with the incorrect brake pads.


Fitting is pretty much the reverse of removal, with the exception of winding the piston back into the caliper. It is easier if you have a proper tool, which I do have, otherwise people find other methods of retracting the piston.

Taking the car for a drive, I did not notice any performance improvement. I did not really have a problem previously, so I might not be pushing the pads to the limit.

  1. Craig says:

    This reminds me that I have to change the rear pads on my Integra (the front and rears went right around the same time, just after I changed the fronts the rears started squealing, though this wasn’t helped by going nuts on the handbrake in the last motorkhana).

    I look forward to checking back while you are in Japan, will be awesome to hear about all of TRS’s hi-jinks.

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