Project Mu Brake Pads for the R32

Posted: June 17, 2010 by stinkypoo31 in Maintenance, Skyline

A few weeks ago, the brakes on the R32 started to squeal really badly. I knew that it was just the low pad indicators on the Nissan Pads, however bystanders did not seem to enjoy the noise that it made. So it was time to order some new pads, but which ones should I choose? After discussing choices with Reece, the decision was made to go for the B-Spec Project Mu Pads. I ordered the pads from Racer Industries in Queensland. They were express posted and to my surprise, delivered the next day.


The package arrive in a satchel and the box was bubble wrapped. It had Japanese labeling (which I can barely read), which made it feel more authentic to me :P.


Inside the box were the pads also packed with foam, which is something I haven’t seen on items I had previously bought.


The pads were also shrink wrapped, with a thin piece of foam separating the pads.


Installation was very quick and easy on the R32. I managed to put both pads in before I remember to take photos.

With regards to the braking performance, I probably can not give you a firm recommendation due to my lack of experience with other pads. I haven’t really noticed a significant difference to the previous pads. They do seem to feel better at higher speed, it is more sure and firm. I have not been able to get them hot enough to feel the brakes fade, which is probably a good thing compared to the old ones. The brakes are definitely a lot better than on the R31 but the setup is very different. I will most likely try a different set next time to get a better idea to judge the performance.


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