So… What has been happening with Team Red Stage?

Posted: June 16, 2010 by stinkypoo31 in S13B, Team Red Stage

Well, it has certainly been some time since posting on the blog. Thank you to everyone asking about the blog, I didn’t expect so many people were out there actively reading it. At the moment, I felt there had not been enough news to share. So I will try and provide a update of a few things that has been happening.

News 1. Rob has finally sent his car off to be ‘fixed’.


Rob has had a number of electrical problems with the car. Instead of trying to repair the issues, Rob sent the car to Sydney and have the car entirely rewired by Pete.


We were lucky enough to see the progress while in Sydney for World Time Attack Challenge. It seems like Pete (or Rob) had gotten carried away with the repair and a few additional pieces were replace. The engine bay looks significantly neater even with all the stains and marks. The Intercooler was re-installed upside-down, with shorter piping. A dashboard from a Nissan Silvia S15 has been fitted with custom switchboard and gauges. The front guards were also replaced with items that actually fit, as well as HID head lights. I will try and write a more detailed post when the car returns to Canberra.

News 2. My R31 Silhouette has been ‘hopefully’ retired from drifting. This is due to the car being so banged up that it can not get a straight wheel alignment. Instead of repairing the damage, I decided to build another Drift Car which has not progressed as much I would have hoped.

News 3. I recently entered the MG Motorkhana day with a fellow Drifter Anthony Lahiff. You might remember him in his Orange S14 from Drift Fest but is now a “Green” machine. A few photos have been posted on some forums that I frequent. Unfortunately, I did not take many more than what was posted.


News 4. New Silvia added to my car ‘collection’. I bought this a few weeks after returning from Japan. It was pretty much a rolling shell, with my intention to turn it into a Drift car. In the end, I didn’t feel it was my type of car and the car looks really neat but I might change my mind later……

News 5. Due to my decision regarding the Silvia, I also purchased another new Drift Car earlier this year. I have been keeping this car a secret from a few guys in IDA, such as Tim Sorrasson.

  1. Stupid Flanders says:

    DAMN YOU!!!

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