Private day at Oran Park Skidpan

Posted: December 22, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

I was invited to come out to a private drift day at Oran Park Skidpan. Normally, when I do drift, it doesn’t leave me much time to take photos or video. Luckily I brought Rob with me this time to help with some of the photography.

It looks like only experienced drivers were invited, this made the day run very smoothly allowing for maximum track time.

Alexi, from and one of the previous coordinators of Initial Drift Australia had dropped by while he was back in the country. He looks alot younger with shorter hair and less like a certain band member.

Pete looked like he was having trouble all day. He blamed the car…

Alexi jumped in and drifted okay…

He did notice there was something a bit funny with the suspension setup.

The China Radiator that I had recently installed had failed on this day. The oversized radiator eventually touched the clutch fan and munched into the cooling fins.

I was lucky enough to borrow Dan’s Onevia while the R32 cooled down.

Dan’s Onevia is setup really well and drifted without any issues.

I even tried to chase down some other S13’s :P.

Jason Greenwood from Drift Australia was also invited to the day.

We think he was in fourth gear when he kicked in for the entry at almost 90 degrees.

So this was my attempt… I can’t remember if I spun or just exited really slow…

I also took Charlie’s fairly stock Type X 180 for a spin, just to see if it could drift.

It does. Viscous diff and body roll :D.

Alexi also jumped into Jason’s Red Rolla. I tried to keep up with him but he is way too fast!

One of two major offs of the day. This RX7 managed to clip a chair and come to a stop before hitting the trees.

I would just like to say thanks to Scotty from Ichiban that was able to lend me a radiator for the rest of the day. If you are after any import spares, race/rally cars, speak with Scotty


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