5th Gear’s Christmas Rush

Posted: December 8, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

Okay, here are some of the photos from the weekend. The day was good but photography location was limited to the main straight and the first corner, even with a photographers pass. The lens I have doesn’t reach the other side of the track. I felt I was taking the same photos over and over again. Besides my whinge about photography location, the day was good and hot. The morning was very nice but midday definately increased in temperature noticeably.

Although it was meant to be a fun practise day, some entrants still had become competitive.

It seems like Toyota Sprinter are not the most reliable cars, as this driver had ended his day very early in the day due to electrical issues.

Zane had doubled up in Reece’s R32 and was clocking times only 0.6 seconds slower. I’m not sure if Zane eventually beat Reece’s time but he was driving at a higher level.

This Mirage was running in the fastest group with Reece.

As I mentioned earlier, Nige from FM104 was also at the day in his R32.

I’m not sure if Mick from Federal was giving Nige pointers of if it was the other way around :P.

I think I over done the post editing. Original can be view HERE.


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