Hachiko at Shibuya

Posted: November 26, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

At Shibuya train station, there is a bronze statue of a Akita dog named Hachiko. The dog is famous throughout Japan and faces towards the Shibuya Crossing, which you might remember from Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. A lot of Japanese use the statue as a meeting point and is normally very crowded during the day.


The is a story of why Hachiko is so famous, there is even a movie coming out, or is out, starring Richard Gere. Hachiko lived in Tokyo with a University Professor of Tokyo University. Every day, Hachiko would walk to Shibuya train station in the morning to see the professor off and return in the afternoon to walk home. They continued this routine for some time until the professor had a stroke at the university and never returned to meet Hachiko at the station.

Hachiko was given away but everyday he would wait patiently at the station for the professors return. He would arrive precisely before the train was due. Many people that had seen Hachiko with the professor and recognised the dog waiting patiently. People would bring treats. Word spread about the loyal dog, eventually an article was published in Tokyo’s largest newspaper and the story spread through all of Japan. The dog returned for 10 years until he died due to a heart infection but his statue had been erected just before his death.

It is very common for people to take photo’s of them self with the dog. Here is one taken with Rob.


  1. Craig says:

    Wow, I can say “I’ve stood in the same place Rob has!!”
    I remember my first trip to Japan to visit my sister, I had to meet her there. I knew no Japanese at all except Connichiwa, sumimasen, Domo Arigato, and “Hachiko wa doku desu ka”. I pretty soon figured out “Toire wa doku desu ka” as well

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