Carby Drama

Posted: November 25, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

So Steve’s twin carb conversion wasn’t a simpler running engine then first thought. After spending a week preparing for Motorkhana and finally completing the project on Saturday, he had the car running beautifully. He took it for a run, and was preforming considerably better than his friends Sprinters. It seemed like the curse was finally lifted from the AE86, but on the way home Saturday night, the car began to cough and splutter, only running properly around 4000rpm and above. After a full weeks work, the exhaustion caught up and Steve called it quits for the AE86 Twin Carb Motorkhana debut.


He did arrange to borrow a car for the event but that fell through due to a harsh deal and decided to sleep Sunday away. As I previously mentioned, Motorkhana was extremely quiet so I called Steve and told him to double enter with my R32.


After the Motorkhana had finished, Steve with his basic knowledge of carburettors, pulled it apart in hopes of finding the problem. After each carby was removed, he found that one of them was not restricting fuel flow and filled up the well. On closer examination, Steve found a valve was faulty. The valve head had become detached from the actuating mechanism and wedged itself sides, allowing fuel to pass through unrestricted. The part itself was only millimeters in size.


After it was restored into it’s original position, the car run beautifully once again.

  1. James says:

    Yay for Steve! Hopefully he can finally have some good luck with that thing. Carbys can be soooo fiddly some times…

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