Twin Carb conversion – Part 2

Posted: November 19, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

While I’m struggling shimming my diff for the Motorkhana, I figure I should post some more about progress on the Sprinter. Here is part 2 of Steve’s Twin Carb conversion.

So far, all the turbo bits have been removed from the engine and was being prepared to bolt on the carburettors. Grub and Chris Sarah had driven down to help out with the last part of the conversion.


Because the Twin carb setup had previously been on a KE70 series Corolla, some modification was required to fit the exhaust. The gearbox tunnel was ‘massaged’ and part of the custom cross member was trimmed. While Steve installing the exhaust, Grub was hard at work fitting parts to the inlet. Some improvisation was required to fit the throttle cable as the previous clamp had not being brought over.

With the exhuast installed, the Distributor was fitted. It was a very tight squeeze and received a little bit of damage when it was tapped into the engine.


A quick check on how to wire the coil via the iPhone’s internet.


And how can any work get done without the supervisors 😛 (kidding)


Almost complete, Grub is installing the trumpets.



Success! The engine should be able to turn over except it has a flat battery.


With the time being past midnight, the night was called and the finishing touches done tomorrow. Next update coming soon.

  1. Charlie says:

    Damn wish I could be there but I’m down south coast lol

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