Fixing up the R32 for Motorkhana

Posted: November 17, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

If you have not heard, the MG Car Club will be running the last Motorkhana for the year this Sunday 22 November, out at the Sutton Driver Training Complex. This is the closest thing that Canberra has for drifting and for only $30, it is a worth while event. So in preparation for the event, I thought I should fix up the car a little. The plan for the weekend was to fix the exhaust leak from the turbo, fit the new china radiator and shim the diff. Unfortunately the weekend didn’t go to plan.


Saturday morning was already hot at 9am and I still had not found a exhaust manifold gasket. I went for a quick drive, hoping an exhaust shop would be open on Saturday morning but I was out of luck. I had an idea and ended up coming home with a RB30 gasket.


By the time I got started, it was midday. Everything except the heat shield came out relatively easy.


The source of my exhaust leak – four broken exhaust studs.


I had to purchase a angle air drill and a air new compressor to remove the broken studs. Here are the culprits.


Luckily for me, one of them was on the verge of coming out and did not require drilling. Now that was sorted, I had to put everything back on. The old exhaust manifold gasket had fallen apart due to the leak so the gasket had to be replaced. So this was my idea. In the picture below you can see the RB20/25 exhaust manifold next to the RB30 Exhaust manifold gasket.


From memory, they were roughly the same size flanges, just a different configuration. My idea was the cut up the RB30 exhaust gasket and change the configuration. This gasket even had perforation on where (I assume) you could cut.



So after cutting it up, it looks like this:


I did end up trim it a bit more to make it fit better, but it does fit and the manifold went back on.

When I almost finished tightening all of the exhaust nuts, disaster! I broke another stud. So out it came and another stud needed to be drilled out.

Exhaust manifold and turbo finally went back in but by this stage, I had spent way to much time and could not get started on the diff. This will most likely need to be done during a week night. While the piping was off I rubbed some more silicon on the rocker cover gasket to stop the leak.



The China Radiator was fitted but did fowl some of the power steering lines. The were easily moved but are now bolted really close to bottom tank. Hopefully I will get some pictures of this soon. The test drive cleared the car of leaks so I am partially set for the weekend.

  1. Ben says:

    Nice work mang

  2. Kwyjibo says:

    Should have listened to you when I did my manifold gasket, would have saved me heaps!

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