Backyard Mechanic’s BBQ

Posted: November 4, 2009 by rob180sx in Uncategorized

The weather is getting starting to warm up, so what better idea than to have a BBQ?

And how else do backyard mechanics do it?

1x keg
1x plasma cutter
1x shoe rack

keg + plasma cutter = BBQ



And what better knob for the lid than one from an old bathroom vanity sitting in the backyard?

Take what you can get

Who doesn’t love BBQ ribs? Slow cook those suckers for hours and you have so much win.

Mmmm ribs

Soak the corn in water for 20 mins so when you throw it on the BBQ it can steam itself in its own husk!

Dinner is served

A BBQ meats and home made lemonade, what more can you ask for?


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