VicDrift is just around the corner!

Posted: October 29, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

The guys from Feint Motion have been hard at working preparing for this weekends Victorian Drift Competition at Winton Raceway. For the first time, Chris Law aka Gumby will be taking the Soarer out for it’s drift debut.


The Soarer is powered by a 1J, running Tein adjustable coilovers and a 2way diff. It should definitely pump some smoke with it’s expected 220rwkw.


Sam Pass in the R31 had broken the Tailshaft back at Super Drift Cup, Mallala earlier this year. The broken tailshaft was removed and a spare one was taken from his old R31 Wagon.


The previous owner of the car left his signature as a reminder.


Stephen Pembrey has been hard at work getting the 1.6 Sprinter back on the road.


With the clutch finally replaced with the correct item, the Supra box was going back in.


Fitting the a custom gearbox was very difficult. Everything seemed to get in the way and when it looked right it really put up a fight to push the input shaft for that last 30mm.


Stephen had bought two brand new sets of wheels and was admiring them often.


While the car was up on stands, a hose was replaced in one of the most difficult to fit places.


The car is almost ready for VicDrift! Just fitting windows and side skirts to go.


Good luck guys!


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