Ghibli museum

Posted: October 24, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

The Ghibli museum is a located in Mitaka, just a little north-west of central Tokyo. The museum is dedicated to all of the Animations that were created by Miyazaki. You might have seen one of his anime before which include:

Laptua – Castle in the Sky
Princess Mononoke
Lupin Castle of Cagliostro
Spirited away
Howls moving castle

Look it up in Google, you might know about it when you see a picture.


Unfortunately, photos and videos are not allow in the museum. It is difficult to describe what it looks like inside. They have taken bits from various anime and modelled rooms and displays around them. It is aimed more for younger crowds but if you enjoyed the anime, you will enjoy the displays and the building itself.

There is a giant cat bus from “Tonari no Totoro” on the highest floor. A cinema is at the ground floor which shows a short Ghibli film. On the roof is where we were able to take a photo of the robot from Laputa. It is very cool and pretty big.


They also had the Laputa control Cube in a little garden area.


You will need to buy tickets for the museum from a Lawsons ticket booth. You need to book for specific entry times, but the museum is open all day. It is three levels, but it won’t take you long to go through all of it. There is a cafe on the side of the museum which is very nice. Rob got a ‘little’ snack while we were there.


You can catch a return bus from the train station to the Museum but I have heard people suggest to walk back through the park as it is very ‘Japanese’.

If your interested, the museum does have a English site


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