Crystal Auto, Up Garage and Super Auto Bacs

Posted: October 20, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

So we are in Japan, interested in modified Japanese cars, we must check out a Auto shop of two. Jesse Street had suggested for us to check out Crystal Auto while we were in Tokyo. Luckily enough, Crystal Auto was on the same street as Super Auto Bacs and two Up Garages.

Our first stop was Crystal Auto.


The shop was split into two levels. On the ground floor were new items. They had alot of new wheels for sale and they prices were good.


Up stairs they had a second hand parts which were mainly just rims.


Crystal Auto had Kunny’s previous D1 Drift Car on display.


They also have a garage as part of the shop, where they can install parts that you buy in the shop.


Next stop was UpGarage. UpGarage is a used car parts shop. There are some items that are brand new but they are mostly cheap consumables, like light bulbs and such. You might have seen this photo before of the UpGarage vending machine.


Because they pretty much deal with second hand goods, you might not find anything in the shop that suits your car. The staff can look items on their product listing to find parts to suit your car. Once the parts are located, they can organise for it to be transferred to the shop.

We did have the intention of buying some wheels to bring back but nothing caught our eye at the shop we were at.


Here is a Manual SR20 gear box for 9990 yen. I’m not sure if there is anything wrong with it at this price.


Next we stopped at Super Auto Bacs. They sell mainly new parts and the setup feels very similar to a AutoBarn here in Australia, with most of the items they sell being show and minor mechanical parts. They do sell performance parts, but everything is on order.


At this particular shop, they had a Used parts section, very similar to Up Garage, as well as a second hand car yard. i don’t think this was for sale but was sitting in the same lot as the used cars.


All four shops were located in the Chiba area, I’m not sure what the street name is called. The shops are about 20mins apart by car, so I would recommend a hire car instead of taxi.

Check them out if your interested. If your after parts specifically, be prepared to have to order them.


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