Skidpan day with 5th Gear Motoring

Posted: October 7, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

If you are interesting in getting into drifting but not sure about taking your car straight to the track, then you should head out to a Skidpan day. Skidpan days are a great way of starting to drift. It is recommended by most people that you head to a skid pan before going to a circuit, just to get a feel of the car going sideways.

One of the local businesses that runs instructional skidpan days is Fifth Gear Motoring. They regularly hold days at the Sutton Road Driver Training Complex, just east of Canberra Airport.


Any type of car is welcome and can get sideways on the skidpan.


Sometimes you need to throw it in to the corner if your running 4wd.


A FR (Front engine, Rear Drive) layout is easiest to get it sideways.




You don’t need a powerful car to drift, even this Datsun was able to swing it sideways.


An LSD does make getting the car sideways easier. This XR6 was single legging sometimes which did not help holding the drift.


Derek owns and runs Fifth Gear Motoring. He also owns a R32 GTR which you can organise to have a hot lap in at Wakefield.


Some parts of the track hold a bit more water and can make this pretty slippery.


If your interesting in attending one of these days, please contact Fifth Gear. Details are available on their website:

More photos can be found HERE


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