Garage visit: Pan Speed

Posted: October 6, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

On our way to Mt Haruna, we made a quick stop by Pan Speed in the Saitama prefecture. Pan Speed specialise in rotaries built mainly for timed events/circuit. They did try drifting a few years ago but decided to focus on timed events.


Sato-san, the head mechanic at PanSpeed gave us a quick tour of the workshop and answered questions as best he could with his limited English.


While we were there, we were lucky to spot the time attack RX7 that was featured in HPI a few months ago.


It was currently undergoing some maintenance and a turbo upgrade. They didn’t mention anything else specific, so I’m not sure if it was a secret.


The amount of rotary parts they have in their workshop is impressive.


This RX8 is naturally aspirated making x amount of horse power (sorry, I forgot).


Across the road, there were more rotaries sitting in the car park.


This is an old shell that can not be used anymore. A large amount of tihs will be recycled into other cars and not simply discarded.


An interesting bit of info we found out was that PanSpeed use GCG turbo’s on all of their cars.


Next stop, Mount Haruna!

  1. rob180sx says:

    The rx8 was running a 13BPP and had 300hp at the wheels. I remember because it was one of the best rx8s I’ve ever seen 😀

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