The burning question.

Posted: October 3, 2009 by rob180sx in Uncategorized

No, this has nothing to do with chlamydia.

Ever since starting up the Team Red Stage blog I must admit we’ve been a lot more popular that I expected.

It seems one of the most common emails I get from you guys and gals is: What car do you drive everyday?

It’s probably pretty obvious my s13b isn’t my daily driver, but here’s a pic of my sr20 powered 180sx.

Daily 180

The car started its life as a ca18det manual, after owning one of these for a couple of years I knew I couldn’t leave it this way.

So in went the s14 sr20det with t28bb turbo, and the FMIC, the 3″ turbo back exhaust, coilovers (refreshing change from chopping springs, I assure you), and my Kaaz diff.

While this may not pump out huge numbers on the dyno it does make a good base drifter and is also sensible on the street 🙂

I tried limiting myself on the power to force myself to rely more or techniques and speed on the track, but I guess it’s in my blood to want more.

Stay tuned for when we start upgrading!

Here’s one for you arty people.

cartoon 180


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