Dinner with Jesse Streeter

Posted: September 28, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

While we were in Japan, we got in touch with ‘Streeter’ from NissanSilvia.com to meet up for dinner.

He is an Australian that has been living in Japan for the past six years. He is into Silvia’s and into Drifting. At the moment Jesse runs an export business and exports anything from Japan. All of his business has come from forums and word of mouth. He charges the lowest commission and does exactly what he says.


Jesse Streeter lives in Osaka, a major city in the middle of Japan. We got in touch with him some time before our trip to meet up for chat. Jesse suggested a Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) place near where he lives. We caught a local train that took us about 30mins out of Osaka to a very quiet station. It did have MacDonalds but it was alot quiet compared to anywhere else we had been. Jesse turned up a short time later on his bike and lead us to the Yakiniku shop.

Yakiniku is just like BBQ but just on a hotplate cooking various types of meats and vegetables.


Rob had some mystery meat, nothing extreme and that unusual found in some other Asian countries.

We also met another person from NS.com. Matt had also come from Perth, Australia and has been staying with Jesse for the past few weeks. Matt was also at Drift Matsuri but didn’t stand out too much in his blue Silvia :P.

After dinner we took a happy snap. Cheers!


Please click here to check out Jesse Streeters website


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