Weekend maintenance

Posted: September 27, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Maintenance
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While the rest of the Feint Motion team was having a holiday down at the coast, I got my hands dirty getting some maintenance done on some local cars before the long weekends drift day.

After last weeks one and only Drift Australia event, there had a few problems with steering on the R31. It felt slow and lacked quick response. After checking out the car, we found the problem to be a worn tie rod end. The Skyline had been using R31 tie rods on the front S13 conversion, which doesn’t really fit very well. So, during the week S13 tie rod ends were ordered and fitted with some adapters that were purchased in a Group buy on the R31 Skyline Club.


Jacked up the R31:


Removed the old tie rod end and installed the new items. Easy!


Now off to visit Adrian who is currently performing a major upgrade on his R32 Skyline. Today he was fitting some adjustable cam gears and replace the noisy gearbox thrust bearing. The CAM gears allow the laggy RB20 to get some mid range response.


Next was the Thrust bearing. Unfortunately after the gearbox was removed, we found a problem. The thrust bearing had worn away the pressure plate, even enough to chip off one tooth.



Next stop was Rob’s place. Rob had just replaced the crank angle sensor on his SR180. The car was still having some issues but we weren’t sure how to check if the timing was correct. We had a timing light but had no where to clip on the induction sensor.


After a quick search on the internet and help from Google, we found this neat trick that someone had thought up.


The minicoil was removed and a sparkplug lead was used to carry the current from the coil to the plug. We hooked up the Timing light clamp onto the lead to get a reading. The timing wasn’t too far off but this didn’t fix the problem with the car. With little else we could do, I left Rob with his miss firing car and headed home :P.

  1. rob180sx says:

    Yeah, you bastard leaving me with my sh1tbox.

    This week I’ll hopefully get around to replacing the fuel filter and maybe the fuel pressure regulator in the quest to solve my year long misfire…

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