Drift Origins

Posted: September 26, 2009 by rob180sx in Uncategorized

If you frequent the IDA forums (http://www.initialdrift.com.au) you will have probably seen a thread about what your drift cars looked like then and now.
So I thought I’d adapt the same idea to this blog.

When I bought my 180sx in 2004 it was an immaculate ca18det manual with 17″ gold chrome AMEs!!! Stock exhaust, stock suspension, stock diff.
Ahhh, how things have changed.

This is the earliest pic I have, 2005 with Whiteline suspension (coilovers were so expensive then!), black roof, and a Kaaz 2way which is still going strong today!

2005 drift!

Eventually that engine died, so I decided to be different and build a monster ca!

Bored out to a 2L running monster cams and a GT28RS on 16psi netted me 236.4rwkw.

236.4rwkw ca!

Unfortunately that engine lasted me 4 days before the oil pressure switch fell out, so the oil light wasn’t grounded and the engine effectively seized 

So I was off the track for 11 months and that’s when the rotor went in!!!…
Armed with something “different” I decided to enter Drift Australia’s Super Drift.
I definitely learnt a lot through out the year and met some great people.
I walked away with 8th place in the championship and the Super Drift Driver Search award 🙂

Brett Reid and I drifting at Oran Park 2006

2007 rolled around and my drift brother Brett Reid and I were fortunate to pick up some sponsors, in the form of Kustom Kraft.

Kustom Kraft Racing
Eastern Creek 2006

While prepping my car for the 2007 season for a team colour respray they went bankrupt… so my car was left all rubbed back with no paint, so out came the matt black!

$50 from Autobarn and 6 hours in the rain and wind, we went from this:

back in the day...

To this:
80's FTW
Matt black love

Not much has changed since then…

But give me a few months and we’ll have a surprise for you all 😉


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