Summer Drift Matsuri @ Ebisu Circuit, JAPAN!!! Day 2

Posted: September 13, 2009 by stinkypoo31 in Uncategorized

Well Day 2 of Drift Matsuri was as wonderfully (insert sarcasm emoticon) wet day as the first or even wetter! Luckily, we had learnt from the first day to hire a car for Drift matsuri. This gave us shelter from the rain and heat using the aircon.

We were told that there is normally a special competition on the morning of the second day of the matsuri. This season event was a TWIN DRIFT Comp or tandem drifting. The competitors had to impress D1 Drivers with their display of tandem drifting.

Alexi from and Luke Fink from Cluboutrun had teamed up to compete and win the event.


Pretty soon after this, the rain came pouring down and it was difficult to take photos.

North Circuit was probably one of the best circuits there to take photos, but was covered in really thick mist of rain and fog.

North circuit was also higher in altitude compared south circuit. I’m not sure if you can make out in the photo below but the road is very steep to the point were the road is ribbed for more grip.

This Supra looked very cool but I didn’t get to see it drift.

Unfortunately, Jesse Streeter’s car had been in an accident early Saturday and was out of action for the weekend.

Remember this car?

There is an area in East Circuit where cars are being stored. There are some interesting cars just sitting there, but we were told they are owned by someone.


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